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Postcards from NYC

Just came back from a more than 2-week trip to the US east coast. Maiden voyage that was just very enjoyable and surprisingly relaxing (considering that I was so busy & stressed out prior to the trip that I almost wanted to postpone the trip).


Since I got back, it’s been a bee’s life. No time to post the pics or reports yet. But I really need to boast that I was within 5 metres of James Spader!!! No – it was not a celebrity sighting, but at “Race“, a legal drama on Broadway. I admit I only wanted to watch it at first because of Spader. And thanks to one of my travel companions who patiently queued for discounted tickets (thank you!!), we scored seats within spitting distance of the man. Sweet.

That said, the performance by the entire cast (which includes Kerry Washington from Last King of Scotland) was riveting and the whole experience was more than worth it. While the story revolves around black & white racial issues that are “profane & provocative”, with us four looking yellow and eternally youthful (“You guys look way too young” said the theatre vendor who then – ironically – tried to peddle us some very alcoholic drinks), I felt that we more than justifiably fit in!


I don’t doubt Frank Lloyd Wright’s talent & ingenuity. Still, I found it very endearing that the Guggenheim’s exterior looks like Golden Shoe carpark.

What do you think?