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Lessons learned

Just 2 days ago, I was reorganising my photos, intended for a post called “Photos, a year in review – Singapore”. I was going to published them, but decided to postpone it to a later time.

On that same day, I accidentally dropped my hard disc drive – not more than 1 metre from the floor. It wasn’t even in operation. When I plugged it into my pc, my heart stopped momentarily at the strange whirring clicking noise. On the screen, no detection of the hard disc. That’s it, more than a year’s worth of photos, amongst others, gone. Vanished. Lost. Regardless of its original meaning, “hard disc drive” is a misnomer when it’s as fragile as eggshells!

I am still kicking myself now. Over and over again.

2 lessons learned:

1. Do not delay publishing a post.

2. Back up, back up, back up.

ps. if you have any recommendations for data recovery service providers, I would appreciate it!

Why the book cover matters

In the 1998 movie “You’ve got Mail“, it was Meg Ryan’s round-the-corner book store that got elbowed out by a mega book store not unlike Borders. Fast forward about a decade later, the economic landscape has changed so much that even an infallible-looking hypermart-size book store can go under. Continue reading

Giant melons grown in… Singapore!

Yes, I kid you not!

In a day and age where scandals, divisive politics and imminent wars dominate headlines, it’s heartening to come across this piece of news. The smile on the woman’s face is worth a million bucks.

Who knows, one day a taugeh (bean sprout) may just grow into a giant beanstalk!



p.s. Can someone please teach me how to embed a (non-Youtube) video?

Droid & elephant sighting


It’s the month of counting down to the start of my long leave.

It’s also the month that I was compelled to get a new phone. My old motorola L7 couldn’t survive the drop from the bookshelf in a buzz of vibration. Hence, I finally jumped on the smartphone bandwagon with a Droid. It’s amazing how so many technological functions could be squeezed into a compact pocket or evening purse size, with a cute little green android robot logo. I also learned that motorola licensed the mark “Droid” from George Lucas’ company. Too bad the phone’s exterior doesn’t quite look as cute as the name suggests!

little green robot

It’s also the month that I visited the newly reformed Sentosa, thanks to the drive in by jy. It’s really quite magical in the cool evening air. And the exhilarating Jurassic Park movie music blaring in surround-sound in the background really psyched me up to visit the theme park. One day.

The globe has landed on Sentosa island

Thereafter, it was this geek’s unexpected encounter with one of Dali’s elephant sculptures! Never mind about not getting to go Figueres; in a globalised world, weird art can be found in the oddest of places. Still I felt it shouldn’t have been placed in the location where this photo was shot (perhaps this is just a temporary location):

Salvador Dali's elephant

Perhaps this could be a more suitable location:

church-like arches at Resorts World

This space reminds me of the lovely arches in ancient churches and feels somewhat like a modern sanctuary; probably a work-in-progress, it has very few passers-by and is very quiet, quite a contrast from the rest of Resorts World.

Ironically, the other end leads to the rambunctious entrance of the casino.

The first one

I’ ve finally decided to start a blog.
It’s not that I’ve never been doing the “predecessor” of blogging; I’ve always kept diaries or odd notes & wrote letters (and then later on, emails) to friends that are sometimes infused with daily minutiae.
Writing is of course cathartic, and writing to friends has the added element of sharing & exchange.
But mostly for me, the fun in writing really is the experience of reading it back months or even years later on. The words that are set in ink, or in type, preserves snapshots of all-too-often fleeting thoughts. Just as a photograph serves to preserve memory of a sight, event or person, a piece of writing serves to preserve memory of observations, reflections or even revelations.

The reason for a blog, as I explained it to my flatmate, was because even though I do write & record, I hardly do them in an organised way: many notebooks have been used but never finished as I’d misplace a notebook at some point and had to start on a fresh one, just to find the older one later on; but because I’ve started a fresh one, I wouldn’t go back to writing on the older one until I misplace the newer one; by then there would be no chronological record whatsoever. E-entries are also lost in the array of folders that have been left disorganised and somewhat forgotten for years.

“Ah so you decide to put it all in one central location? On a blog?” asked my flatmate, as he stepped into the bathroom to brush his teeth.
“Yeah,” I said. I mean, it’s brilliant isn’t it? And I’m told it’s easy to use (even for a late bloomer like me, who only discovered google in 2002). And I can access it from anywhere as long as there’s connectivity.

Flatmate nodded in earnest amidst the brushing. Gargle. Spit. Wipe mouth. Then he said,
“Of course, the worst thing that could happen is if you forget your username and password.” 

I haven’t thought of THAT.
 Well, the only way to make sure that I won’t forget is to use it often.
 Here’s to a start.