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Do Re Mi, Hong Kong!

One of my little quirks is to catch some music performance whenever I travel. Ditto for this trip to Hong Kong, where I caught a couple of classical music performance. I actually wanted to also check out a mini jazz fest in Soho, but time did not permit.

The first was a free lunchtime recital “Good Music This Lunch”, featuring cellist Wendy Law and members of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta. The venue is the Agnes B Cinema at Hong Kong Arts Centre. An interesting venue for a recital as I thought this was an art house cinema. I managed to find my way there from the MTR, zigzagging through throngs of people who were heading towards the nearby Immigration building and mainland tourists posing for photos with – of all landmarks in Hong Kong – Revenue Tower (i.e. tax authority building).

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Hong Kong – 6 highlights!

Just came back from a very enjoyable trip to Hong Kong. It was great fun to re-explore Hong Kong, this time with friends both old and new who live there. The demography and languages spoken have changed subtly over the years: although Cantonese remain the most commonly spoken language, most people switch effortlessly to Mandarin without batting an eyelid. But Hong Kong is not just a magnet for mainland Chinese; its economic hub & “gateway to China” status draws people from all over Asia, as well as the West. Historically, Hong Kong is made up of people from different places and is a confluence of different subcultures. So perhaps any changes in demography is just a step in the evolution of this city. Hong Kong is also a mix of old world & new world charm. Skyscrapers loom large but some construction works are still supported by bamboo scaffoldings, the setting of many 80s’ Jackie Chan robber & cop movies.

Here are some of the things that I enjoyed really much on this trip:

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