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Osaka harbour and aquarium

1 April 2014

Spent the morning by Osaka harbour. Visited the Osaka Aquarium on a great tip from a friend. It is impressive and well worth the visit. I only wished that the music was more audible above the children’s squeals of delights. It was the school holidays. Actually, I was squealing a bit inside too when I saw this:


And these:

Blossom explosion

And this. The only one of its kind in this aquarium. So lonely. Later I learned that there was another one in the aquarium that was transferred to a research centre. I thought about the first whale shark I saw in the seas off Krabi.


That evening, I had one of the above types for dinner. Guess which one.

It was unintentional since I could only read about 10% of the menu.

I want to curate the music for an aquarium and bring on the magic of hearing Saint-Saens’ Aquarium in the very first cool aquarium I visited. That was in Sydney. I wonder if this desire stems from wanting to create music magic or just recreating that novel moment.

Outside, the weather is beautiful. Sat on the steps by the harbour and enjoyed the sun. Had a picnic lunch then hopped on to the train for Kyoto that rumbled through suburbs and industrial areas. The sight of factories surrounded by sakura trees beckons. As the train chugs along, I’m heading into the full bloom of spring.