Raw beauty

14 June 2014. Krafla area, Mývatn region, north Iceland.

The many faces of Iceland are beguiling. At times dramatic and imposing. At times stark and desolate. At times placid and beautiful. At times wild and grotesque. The land of fire and ice is a place of contradictions. Life goes on in such inhospitable conditions.


What started out as a pee stop, turned out to be a 3 hour detour on foot around this stunning area of Leirhnjúkur, part of the Krafla caldera.

_SAM5571 _SAM5592_SAM5599_SAM5605 _SAM5635 _SAM5645



In Leirhnjúkur lava field, I lost my sole.


After seeing the world for 5 years together, my boots fell apart here in Iceland.


Still, that didn’t deter a walk up to Viti crater.


This is one of the views from Viti crater.


From Myvatn, we drove east to Egilsstaðir. As if the feast on landscapes for the day is not enough, every turn of the way brought us through steep passes and more stunning scenery. Then we just had to stop here.



We got to Egilsstaðir, and saw a vertical rainbow; peter tells me it’s a sun dog. In June here in Iceland, it’s 23 hours of day light, magnificent sights and raw beauty.




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