Home for the Lunar New Year


How clichéd are photos of clouds taken from a plane? But I love looking at these clouds. I want to sprawl on this white fluffy cotton mattress, roll in daydreams, live on ultra thin air. 

The plane descends. Transporting from the sea of white into a swathe of green and geometrical rows of palm oil plantations as far as the eye can see. The river meanders so romantically in the glow of the morning sun, even though I know the weather outside swelters.


These photos were taken while I flew home for the Lunar New Year. My other home that is. After all, I have lived abroad for more than half my life.


2 thoughts on “Home for the Lunar New Year

  1. ShimonZ

    I can enjoy looking at a lot of photos of the clouds from above. It is always so beautiful… often looks like the sea. Which Lunar New Year are you talking about? There are many possibilities. In our culture, the Lunar New Year come around September. And where are your two alternate homes? Sounds interesting.

    1. plumerainbow Post author

      Yes the clouds are like the sea. In chinese, there is even a term that marries both images – 云海 – literally “cloud sea” or a sea of clouds. Actually anything of vast expanse – like the desert – reminds me of the sea. I was home for the chinese lunar new year, but many other cultures in Asia celebrate the same new year. Tell me more about your culture’s lunar new year.
      My two homes? It’s a tale of two countries separated by accidental history.


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