Travel inspires

I just discovered something about myself. Something I have always experienced but not particularly noticed. That is, I noticed that I am especially inspired when I just come back from a holiday. Holidays have this amazing ability to uplift me. It’s more than just a rest and recharge from the routine. Travelling to another place is entering into a different world, a world so different from your own. Things that you have read about – history, languages, anthropology, modern news – suddenly comes to life. But the emotions and feelings that overwhelm you, the information that you receive and process with your own accumulative sensibilities, the people that you meet and touched you  – that’s yours. Not some historian’s or journalist’s words in a book or on the web.

As you can tell, I just came back from a holiday. As it is, a 2 week holiday is getting harder and harder to coordinate at my work place and I wonder how long more will I be lucky enough to take time off to go to places I want to go. I have so much to write on this blog – as I told you, holidays inspire me to no end and there are a number of draft posts waiting to see the world. As it is, I am behind in the travel diaries alone. Then there are also important things, for instance, laundry and calling my mother. So this is just a short note to say I will be writing more once I have sorted out the practicalities of daily life.


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