Sunday, lily pond, happiness


Sunday morning broke with beautiful blue skies, even though forecast says  it is cloudy. Despite improvements in technology, weather forecast notifications are often no more accurate than poking your head out of the window for a look at the sky. Take a deep breath, see if there is a whiff of that unique smell before the rain. Listen out for chirping birds – the noisier our feathered friends are, the more you know it’s going to be a fine weather day.

Went for a ride a little later than usual in the morning. On my way home, I decided to drop by the water lily pond I discovered some time back. As it was rather late in the morning I was not expecting to see any blooming flowers. But here they are, proud and pink. It is little unexpected moments like this that happiness springs from within.

IMAG1721 IMAG1723 IMAG1724



I am glad to have spare time, to cycle to places, and some scenic ones, to put things into perspective. 

Later in the day someone asked me about the “4Cs of Singapore” – it’s a rather old joke referring to the items that symbolise the attainment of material wealth and social status (if you want you can read about it here). There is probably an equivalent of a “4Cs” or “5Cs” in every society. In a fairly wealthy society like Singapore, materialism is all the more prevalent. Even those who condemn it can’t escape not talking nor thinking about it. That is why It is so important to have some quiet time alone to sort out the wheat from the chaff in one’s head. 


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