Roll’em wheels

Went for a ride last Saturday. The sun was out. Glorious weekend mornings like these are precious.


Two loonies, the resident water komodo, and a fish fighting for its life at Upper Seletar Reservoir

Fresh from my Hokkaido trip, I recounted to sw about cycling with the blue sapphire coasts on one side, the cone-shaped mountain on the other, and windswept flower fields in between (that was on Rishiri island). Sw, who has been to Japan numerous times separately, also talked (more like, shrieked in delight) about the joys of cycling by the sea. It’s one of those tremendous yet indescribable moments (although “damn happy” were sw’s words).

One doesn’t even have to travel abroad to enjoy this. Look around your neighbourhood and see if there isn’t a path that you haven’t explored – and there are quite a number of bike paths in Singapore. Or any paths which you have looked at longingly, from the window of your flat, or from the bus while on your way to work.


I am proof that you don’t need to be the sporty or technical type to enjoy what is a very egalitarian way of

  1. casual exploring,
  2. exercising,
  3. taking a break, &
  4. letting the wind rush through your hair (or helmet – I’m still of two minds about the helmet).

The humble bike is likely to be the first vehicle most people learn to use in their life. Could it be that cycling somehow subconsciously triggers the simple joys experienced in childhood?

Not to paint too rosy a picture though, because accidents can and do happen. Just a month ago, it happened to a friend right in front of my very eyes – no it did not involve another vehicle.

Nobody wants to crash and get hurt. There are lessons to be learned.

But would that deter us from ever cycling again?



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