Fireworks in Wakkanai

4 August 2013

Last night I had learned from my dorm mate that there was going to be fireworks in Wakkanai today. What a stroke of luck that plunged me into the difficult choice between fireworks and staying overnight on Rebun. In the end, giant sparklers won.

Wakkanai is beginning to grow on me. I wouldn’t have even heard of this city if not for Rishiri and Rebun islands. It is in the northern most of Japan, cape Soya being the actual northern most point, It is also closer to Russia than Tokyo. My first destination in Japan ever!

Sign in Japanese, English and Russian. In Wakkanai.

Sign in Japanese, English and Russian. In Wakkanai.

It’s such a small city (actually I wouldn’t even call it a city…) with a small town feel. Everyone is out in full force by the harbour bracing the winds to watch the fireworks. For some reason, fireworks delight both the young and old, and those who are neither young nor old. Bouquets of fireworks emerge from the pitch black sea horizon to choruses of awe. It feels extra special to watch such a display in a remote part of the world, particularly when you least expect it. And I thought I was too jaded.

It’s the month of August. Happy independence day in advance to all Singaporeans and Malaysians!



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