These thoughts have been floating in my head for a while: how some of the most precious friendships are forged in our younger days; how great human relationships that bind us in transcendental ways can be easily undone by distance, passage of time, petty fights, personal circumstances.

Came across this article today: “Why is it Hard to Make Friends Over 30“. Does it ring a bell to anyone here?

Am fortunate to still have friends from days when my age was still single-digit. Friends who are my first friends in Singapore. Friends from student days when we were carefree enough to chat away or make music into the wee hours of the morning. Friends with whom I can talk to about anything – and I mean ANYTHING – from the mundane to the pseudo-profound. Friends from the days when we were less guarded and more receptive to relationships. No doubt, now faced with the realities of life, friends from work/business network are only a handful, but I’m fortunate that amongst the few we are close.

There are friends whom I don’t see very often nowadays. There are also long-time friends with whom things can still be said that can cause misunderstanding (as I unwittingly did recently). But there’s no doubt in my mind that we are still friends.

So is it still possible to make friends as we grow older? Yes! I am amazed by how many new friends I made over the last 12 months. I don’t know how long we will stay friends. But it just so happens I’m a realist with optimistic tendencies.

Maybe I am feeling extra sensitive because it just rained. If I could give some advice to my younger self, it is this: stay in touch with your old friends; you were once close friends for a reason. Be open to making deep connections with new friends. Long-time friendships are one of the great things in life. 


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