A midweek reverie


Tidying up is…

… getting re-acquainted with the table surface after a long messy separation.

Doing laundry is…

…  a necessary tedium and must-have life skill. Saves you from travelling with twenty pairs of underwear.

Dancing like nobody’s watching…

… requires a lot of self-confidence! And some music.

Doing something that you are told NOT to do…

… also requires a lot of self-confidence. (Or stupidity?) No music accompaniment required.

Singing in the rain is…

… (I don’t get this one – doesn’t the voice get drown out by the downpour? No, a drizzle is not rain.)

And speaking of the rain…

Hailing a taxi on a rainy day is…

… a true test of patience; he who perseveres, is in for a long wait.



I am not poor, for my desires are simple.
~ Omar Khayyam

2 thoughts on “A midweek reverie

  1. jem

    “I am not poor, for my desires are simple.“

    ~ Omar Khayyam

    So easy to quote, so difficult to practice.

    When I was 20 and traveling in Muslim lands, getting introduced to Rumi, Khayyam, Nusrat, Behzad, I always thought when I hit six figures in my bank account, I could always just retire early and live out my life traveling in lands hosting the lingering remnants of the Sufi world (which also incidentally turns out to be some of the prettiest and most liveable parts of not just the Muslim world, but the world).

    I passed that milestone ages ago, and have never carried out that thought. Why?

    Because of inflation….responsibilities…..because its just a backup plan and never was meant to be fulfilled…because, because, because.

    1. plumerainbow Post author

      The dreams of our youth, to be shaped by life experiences. Perhaps diminished by realities. But never is the essence of their spirit a dying flame. Rather, a continuous quiet spring time. A spot of evergreen in the recesses of our memories.

      (So I imagine a saying of yore)


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