The Perfect Day

This post is inspired by bookjunkie’s here.

My perfect day: wake up with no pimples, go for a bike ride, have a cool shower then do some work. Laugh with family or friends over a meal. Chill out to good music at night.

Simple things really: waking up feeling good about myself, do the things I like to do and spend time with people I like.

What is your perfect day like?


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Day

  1. jem

    Perfect Day:

    2 perfect eggs for breakfast. I’d never had eggs like these before and never had since. Wonder how they did it.

    Morning horse riding through one of the most pristine mountain and lake regions in the world – even the Alps pale in comparison. Lunched on mutton noodles with some locals, and watched them play wrestling with horses. Then had a spontaneous jam session with local instruments. These guys can sing, and don’t seem to mind that I can’t

    Caught 2 salmonoids from an icy waterfall, while watching a herd of wild horses stampede right in front of me. A nomad passes by in his woolly camel. Ate the fish in batter

    As the sun sets, put my feet up at the fireplace. Drain a beer. The quirky book on oranges I picked out at the lodge library turns out to be a minor masterpiece, written by a man who I would come to consider as the greatest living writer in America right now. I hadn’t heard of him before, and neither have my booklover friends, so extra points for the accidental find

    Crystal clear night. Stars out in force. Crackling fragrance of pine. A rare cigarette.

    And the luxury of a month of such days stretching ahead of me.


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