Peace on earth

I love December. It is usually a time of winding down and enjoying the parties. But this time I have taken ill. Is it a case of mysterious virus or the body succumbing to the hectic weeks leading up to Christmas? On the bright side, I have a few off days to recuperate. Spending the holidays coughing in bed isn’t fun. But I take comfort in the fact I can do that in my humble home.

I love December. The weather is cooler, and the smell of rain so wonderful. Then there’s all those activities you only get to do in December: Getting new calendars. Making plans for the new year – trips, projects, aspirations. Turning a year older, for me. There is just so much to look forward to in the new year.

I love December. And as commercialised as Christmas is, Christmas music never fails to cheer me up. Just heard the Mormon Tabernacle choir on the radio and it was heavenly! Recently, went for the T’ang Quartet Christmas concert. The Christmas medley was arranged by a young Muslim composer (and it was quite a good arrangement at that). Now that’s peace on earth.

Wishing you peace and joy.


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