Writing as a hobby

Writing for work (or for that matter, reading for work) is quite different from writing/reading as a hobby. And my blog is the latter. It’s like tending to my little garden plot of words. Sometimes, maybe something good grows out of it. Mostly it’s mediocre crop. It’s really one of those things that one just can’t help feel is never good enough. It’s never perfect, but it just has to be executed as best as one can. And that kind of quasi-discipline helps, I think. Even for a hobby. It’s the discipline to write something, whether long or short, good or bad. And then as time passes, one reads it back like a diary. Like a documentary of growth (I hope).

Recently bookjunkie shared her thoughts on writing which spoke out to me. For me, perhaps it is that nagging doubt gnawing on a little corner of my brain that keeps me going. Who would have known that a little hobby can create such complex feelings.

I also admire those who are able to express their thoughts in writing by hand. No doubt it is easier to rearrange, delete, insert words on the computer. But the ability to write by hand is more than just about penmanship or the expression of personality (although I advocate writing by hand for those reasons). It’s about organising the thoughts in our heads first so that we can write down coherent sentences. Care would be taken to write with minimal mistakes, because once the ink is settled on paper, it really becomes difficult to erase the words. Kind of like spoken words – once it’s spoken it’s really hard to take back!

Anyway, I guess the way forward is to keep writing. I like what this guy has to say about writing everyday. Finally, the word “genitals” gets to appear on my very tame blog:



– – – –


Writing is a muscle. Smaller than a hamstring and slightly bigger than a bicep, and it needs to be exercised to get stronger. Think of your words as reps, your paragraphs as sets, your pages as daily workouts. Think of your laptop as a machine like the one at the gym where you open and close your inner thighs in front of everyone, exposing both your insecurities and your genitals. Because that is what writing is all about.


2 thoughts on “Writing as a hobby

  1. jared seah

    I not so sure about the genitals part… I write because it’s fun!

    Although I think I write too much at times. Need to improve on my choice and economical use of words… I’m too frivolous!


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