La Cage Aux Folles

Watched La Cage Aux Folles at the Esplanade on Friday’s preview night. Still prefer Esplanade as a theatre venue than Marina Bay Sands; the layout and atmosphere just feels more engaging. Went without expectations and totally enjoyed the performance. And even though I haven’t heard any of the numbers before, it isn’t difficult to leave the theatre humming the tunes. Long before Lady Gaga came up with Born This Way, there was already La Cage’s “I Am What I Am” belted out by a drag queen on Broadway. Apparently the composer wrote “I Am What I Am” in just one evening.

Based on the 70s French film of the same name, the story was brought to life on Broadway in the 80s winning some Tony awards and went on to inspire Birdcage which starred Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. Now it’s being staged at the Esplanade by Wild Rice. Loved Tony Eusoff and Aaron Khaled’s voice. And Ivan Heng showed that one doesn’t need formidable vocal range to touch the hearts of audience. Funny, heart-warming and with such a cast, cabaret dancers and marvellous sets! Wild Rice really did a great job. The production runs till 4 August. Catch it if you can.



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