Sunday morning on a bike along waterways

I haven’t biked in 2 weeks. So I jumped out of bed in anticipation. Why waste precious weekends sleeping in? The rain on Saturday has washed away all that is dusty, tedious and gloomy. With buoyant hopes I looked forward to beautiful weather. Serendipitously, Sunday morning broke with bright happy blue skies, fluffy white clouds and fresh cool air.

Took the MRT to Dakota station and was greeted by the Singapore flag-adorned flats.


Started pedalling from the Geylang Park Connector, which is not far from Dakota MRT.  The canal meanders through residential areas with surprisingly quiet enclaves despite nearby major roads. It’s the perfect route at this time of the day, with the sun behind my back and fresh breeze in my face.


Where in the world does public housing get waterfront living? Alright it’s more like a canal but look it’s being cleaned up, and probably regularly too. And such great amenities like the park connector? Singaporeans are so blessed.


As one pedals on into the Tanjung Rhu area, housing becomes more posh. But the difference is only a kilometre or two. Or maybe three. (I don’t have a odometer). It is the same waterway. The same park connector. The same air. The same morning serenity, occasionally interspersed with the invigorating roars of rowers paddling through their training routine.

Past Rhu Cross, the sight of the central business district (CBD) beckons. Tall and imposing when near, from a distance across the waters the CBD looks a lot more interesting with white clouds fleecing over the horizon. Just like that, one can cycle from the one-room government rental flats in Dakota to the CBD, the epitome of Singapore as a world class city, in tens of minutes.


Further down, the eastern tip of the bay is connected to the Marina Barrage by the dam (known as Marina Bridge), which is no where found on google maps. But trust that it’s there. Once at the Barrage, you’d have to dismount and push – no cycling where it is not allowed please!


At the barrage, families, tour groups and youngsters flying kites hang around. Here, fresh graduands were taking photos in their gowns. The world is their oyster!

Pedalled past Gardens at the Bay although didn’t stay for long. From there it’s just a short distance to Marina Bay Sands, the Esplanade and then to the CBD. Or maybe there would be a new name now, since the CBD has been enlarged with all the new office buildings in the Marina Bay area.


View from the Esplanade.

Cycled down to Clarke Quay and then back up to Empress place again. Sat under a tree and enjoyed ice cream between wafers, watching tourists snapping photos of Singapore’s blend of colonial past and modernity.


On the right, One Raffles Place and on the left UOB plaza, two of Singapore’s four tallest buildings.These photos wouldn’t have been possible without the phone camera.


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