Shifting the goal posts?

Had been pre-occupied on multiple fronts in the past 2 months. But still glad for that half an hour public commute in the morning when it’s too crowded to even hold up a book and read. It is always a good chance to reflect on life in general.

It’s funny how things never turn out the way we imagine them to be, a friend told me. I couldn’t agree more. And suddenly it’s already July so it only seems apt to have a mid-year review of sorts.

Looking back in 2010, certain plans that I had envisaged for myself have taken on a completely different course. And because of the change in course, I would have to hold off my long-term grand travel plan for a short while. Just a short while, because I still want to make it happen.

Secondly, even my new year aspirations (instead of “resolutions”) themselves are also taking on a different course. Travel plans wise, I don’t know whether I will still have time to make it to the middle east this year – although it’s only July now so I’m not giving up hope yet. Instead, a friend and I have gone ahead to make plans to travel to a country that has also been on my radar for quite some time. No spoilers here. Just stay tuned, and wish us safe travels!

So is it a case of shifting the goal posts? But some would say that if it’s your turf, it’s your rule; one should live life by one’s own aspirations and one’s own terms. Yet on the other hand, do we really have free will in life? The path that we take in our life is often charted by circumstances and events, or for the astrologically-inclined, the stars, moons and planets. And perhaps subconsciously, we take the path that we think we want to take, but only because that is the better of the choices available at that point in time. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Shifting the goal posts?

  1. Jared Seah

    I think shifting the goal posts is meant more for the little excuses we tell ourselves when we do not want to do the half-hearted promises we lie to ourselves 🙂

    If I plan to visit the zoo today, and it’s raining meow and woof now, common sense and free will dictate I better stay home with my hot coffee and look out the window to smile at those drenched by the rain.

    Following travel plans die die, what’s the difference from taking a guided tour?

    No fish prawn also good!

    Eagerly waiting your next exotic travel pics 😉

  2. Feet on fire

    shifting goal posts?

    more like sailing with the wind. which is the essence of traveling. Anyway, Ladakh is a great destination


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