In search of nostalgia in Bali


Large malls & chain shopping centres have sprung up more than my memory of Bali could recall. The constant traffic jams around popular tourist areas is such a chore. Still, the skies are sunny. The frothy foamy waves enticingly beckon. The foliage remains luscious. The terraced rice fields still doesn’t fail to marvel as I savour every grain of rice on my plate. The volcanoes still majestic. And the Balinese culture still as fascinating as before.


3 thoughts on “In search of nostalgia in Bali

  1. Feet on fire

    Drop me a line if you ever go. I usually try to visit once a year, during the European winter in January or February.

    Its a regular hideaway for the last few years but I suspect great development is around the corner…which will be sad because I doubt I can easily find another regular hideaway that is just as convenient to get to with the same blend of scenery, culture and people.


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