Lotus, the super plant [Smell the roses #3]

The lotus is such a marvellous, versatile plant. The way it looks is already a miracle of nature: its quirky-looking seed cup resembles a shower spout, its large leaves billow like women’s skirts and its flower is just such a gorgeous bloom. There’s something rather resilient about the way it grows too: its roots are firmly grounded in the muddy bed below waters, and yet it stems steadfastly above in embrace of the sun. As the Chinese saying goes, it grows from mud and yet it is untainted.

Lotus seeds are great both as snacks and as ingredients for making wonderful pastries & desserts. The rhizome root when cut up looks odd, with so many holes, but is a source of nutrition & dietary fibre and is used in many Asian cuisines. The giant leaves are a great wrapper for steamed rice, adding both presentation and flavour. In Myanmar, we saw the fibre of its stems being painstakingly extracted to make thread and then fabric. Seriously is there any part of the plant that cannot be put to good use?

Happy Earth Day!

*Photos taken during a recent trip to Bali.


6 thoughts on “Lotus, the super plant [Smell the roses #3]

  1. Feet on fire

    its also the flower held sacred by more world religions than any other.

    there are two reasons why. neither of which was mentioned in this post


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