Tossing aside the manual

Lately I have been cracking my brains over a small project. For a person who needs visibility of the risks ahead, this meant tearing apart the ideas, turning them over, upside down and inside out to figure out the blind spots. It’s sort of like preparing for a long solo trip. So many unknown, so many adventures ahead, terribly unsure of how things will turn out. But from some past experiences, planning – while essential – is not the be all and end all. In fact at one point in time, too much research resulted in much more anxiety.

How to know when too much research and planning is too much? How to know when to take the plunge? How to know when to leap without looking? How to balance the trepidation of the unknown with the trust of one’s intuition?

Life is a series of questions of “how”. Will life itself reveal the answers? Yes, but I suspect only through action.

Recently someone was recounting his experience of learning how to ride a bike as an adult and was wondering why his friend (who was helping him learn) told him to “just cycle”. I couldn’t agree more with the friend: while on the bike, just keep pedalling. Keep a good balance too. But it’s no good knowing only how to balance without pedalling. Just pedal and constantly make the effort to move forward. That’s how one learns to cycle.

This post title is inspired by a quote in SMOL’s post:

When the tyre hits the road, you can throw the driving manual out of the window!

How true. Once the tyre hits the road, keep your eyes on the road and not the manual. All the planning and preparation are just plans – little nuggets of information stored in the brain, which may or may not eventually be used. They are important no doubt. But in the end, it is the action that counts.


3 thoughts on “Tossing aside the manual

  1. MP

    I was a little embarrassed I operated without manual most times. Then, I stopped concerning myself with that and let be. (I’m probably not the best person to dish advice to your future kids;))


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