Glorious morning on U Bein’s Bridge

Amarapura’s U Bein’s Bridge was named after the engineer who designed it in the 19th century and is supported by sturdy teak posts. Straddling the Taungthaman Lake, U Bein’s Bridge is today, still an important commuting channel for pedestrians (technically, cycling on the bridge is prohibited)  between the western and eastern shores of the Lake. We woke up at 5am to travel from Mandalay to Amarapura to catch sunrise.

The early morning mist dreamily lingered above the placid lake as the scraggly tamarind trees stood proudly on lake shore in the cool morning air. The warmth of the rising sun gradually radiated, dying the sky in gorgeous hues of purple and pink, and U Bein’s Bridge comes to life with commuting villagers, monks and morning-exercising senior citizens. Not far away, a farmer herds a flock of quacking ducks that waddled noisily along the shore, fishermen set about their morning catch as their boats glided on the lake and ladies headed off into the fields as they begin the day’s work.

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4 thoughts on “Glorious morning on U Bein’s Bridge

  1. hasayang

    Simply beautiful. Great composition. Feel like I am right there at that place. Serene and all the things that I look for when I travel. I have linked your blog to mine. 🙂


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