Postcards from Bagan, land of many stupas

After 10 days, 4 flights, boat, truck, horse cart, bike, trishaw and rickety CNG-propelled-taxi rides, I finally compiled some semblance of a travel journal on facebook. So there will be less words on this blog since I already done one round of it on facebook. Still trying to figure out what’s the best tool of combining photo-uploading with travel narrative (so far I still find WordPress, for all its fantastic functions, a tad unwieldy in this respect). But I will still be posting a few photo essays on Myanmar. Here’s the first set on Bagan.

Above: View from Shwesandaw Paya. Although not the best of sunsets we have seen, I still quite like this photo. 

Below: taken at Ananda Pahto.

Above: Waylaid by a herd of goats.
Above: Sulamani Pahto. Its interior contains a lot of interesting details, stuccos and large frescoes. One of my favourite sites in Bagan.

Below: Sittana Paya

Above and below: some of the many beautiful acacia trees around Bagan. The sprawling branches dramatically complement the arid landscape.
Above: sunset by the Ayeryarwady River which courses through the veins of Myanmar.


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