25.02.2012 – Inle Lake, Myanmar

From Heho airport to Naungshwe, the taxi rolled through tumbling hills, amidst the arid dust. Our betel nut chewing driver broke into wide red-smeared grins and stopped to let us visit some places of interest without us even asking so.

From Naungshwe, we hopped on to a long tail boat on a shimmering placid water and cruised under the relentless scorching sun, passing by several fishermen, flocks of cormorants gliding above the clear water, while the endless plateau of highlands accompanied our journey from across the bank.

At the resort Golden Island Cottage 2, private wooden chalets stand on stilts in the serene mirror like water. A little wetland inwards is the perfect resting spots for cranes and squawking cormorants. A short walk onto shore over wobbly bridges is a little village and paddy fields, where friendly villagers greets with ‘Mingdulabah‘, and water buffaloes trot past swishing their tails and leaving giant piles of dung.

As the sun sets in glorious hues of persimmon and pink, the seemingly endless waters stand still except for the silhouette of an occasional boat.

When night falls, the best way to while away time is to sit on the verandah in the cool night’s air and gaze out into the peaceful darkness under a blanket of stars.

Myanmar still continues to surprise me.

(Photos to follow later)


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