Postcards from Paris – memories of late summer

I was day dreaming about Paris, especially after watching the Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris. I have quite a bit of Paris photos especially on my last trip there, right at the tail end of summer just before autumn, when the slightly browning trees were basking in the golden sun. But I always think that my Paris photos are so kitschy and that the last thing the world need is another photo of the Eiffel Tower. So the only set of Paris photos I posted here was my visit to the hamam. But after my hard disc failed on me (“hard” disc is such a misnomer), I decided from now on I’ll just post whatever photos I like before I risk losing them. I truly enjoyed this visit. I believe it was MP who once told me to take pictures when I’m happy. Sound advice. Hope you’ll enjoy them.


2 thoughts on “Postcards from Paris – memories of late summer

  1. MP

    From a Francophile, NO pictures of Paris is too kitschy.
    I LOVE the photo with little french kids, esp the little girl’s style!!


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