For the book lovers

Some time ago I wrote about why I prefer physical books to e-books.

Check out this awesome video done by the people at Type Books.


2 thoughts on “For the book lovers

  1. Jared Seah

    I prefer the hard copy books too!


    I love the smell of the pages as I flipped through them
    dozing off with one on my bosom in bed
    using it as my knight in shining armour to squash the scary spider (splat!)
    the dust reminding me how long I’ve cheated on my promises

    The yellowing of the pages and mildew spots mirror that of my face
    nothing beats a friend that sticks with you through our trials and tribulations
    never mind if the pages were dog-eared or if I’ve gone forgetful
    it’s time to give you a hug my special friend!

    Jared Seah – Singapore Man of Leisure


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