New Year Aspirations

I almost didn’t feel like putting up this post because of something rather disappointing that I found out yesterday. In addition to that, I discovered that my hard drive failed on me. So I wasn’t exactly in the most spirited of moods.

Today I went for my usual workout routine. Still, my mind was preoccupied by rather unhappy thoughts. I tried to wriggle myself out of my wandering mind and focused hard on the rhythms and beats of the workout music. At the end of the tiring but fun workout, I sat down for coffee and delectable toasts with a friend (by the way, Olio Dome serves wonderful toasts) and  we chatted about travel dreams. So that got my mood up a bit. As the last day of 2011 draws closer to an end, I decided that whatever happened in the past week alone should not detract me from the greater vision and plans. I should still stay focused, don’t give up on my dreams, and count my lucky stars that I’m still able to dare to dream.

Last year, I chickened out and didn’t write down my new year resolutions. This year, I decided that it’s about time that I be honest with myself. So here are some of my new year aspirations. Aspiration, because it’s a word that I prefer. It feels more hopeful and less intimidating!

1. Start a blog in Chinese

Why: If writing is putting down thoughts in words, maybe I should put down my thoughts in Chinese down in words too. And it is true, people think differently in different languages.

Challenge: Am I too ambitious – can I really juggle 2 blogs at one go?

2. Bike once every 2 weeks

Why: The motive isn’t really to become Lance Armstrong – once in 2 weeks isn’t much of an exercise – but to enjoy the outdoors more and explore parts of Singapore that I don’t normally get to see on public transportation or by foot.

Some might ask: why not every week? Because realistically speaking I can only do this on weekends, and even then I work on some weekends. Besides, new year resolutions are supposed to be executable.

Challenge: I don’t mind biking alone. But I think it’d more fun to bike with buddies! Drop me a note if you’re interested.

3. Travel to the Middle East

Why: Because the region is the cradle of several ancient civilisations, birthplace of some of the longest-lasting religions in the world and sits on the world’s most coveted resources. Still, despite the internet age, this region remains a mystery to me. I want to see it for myself. No, wait. I want to experience it for myself. Part of that is also the wanderlust bug talking.

Challenge: I already have other travel plans (non-ME destinations) in the pipeline. As for the ME itself, I need to be more disciplined in deciding which countr(ies) to go to in the coming year. The region is simply too vast and diverse. And as I’m reading up the fascinating histories, my horizon keeps expanding further and further… even down to Africa!

I’ll also be working on a writing/art project. Hopefully, that will see the light of day.

What are your aspirations for the new year?


2 thoughts on “New Year Aspirations

  1. MP

    Oh, why so glum? I think we need to go for coffee!
    Referring to:
    Point 1: Do that, please! I need to read something interesting in Chinese (becoming dangerously monolingual soon)
    Point 3: If Africa means Morocco is in your radar, I’ve been interested for some time.

    1. plumerainbow Post author

      I said I will start a blog, no promise that it’ll be interesting! But I can give you a few links to some interesting Chinese blogs.

      So far, Morocco is not on my radar. If I tell you which African country is on my radar now, you might fall off your chair unless you are already standing.

      And Missey, please update your blog. I’m becoming dangerously devoided of bright sparks.


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