Lessons learned

Just 2 days ago, I was reorganising my photos, intended for a post called “Photos, a year in review – Singapore”. I was going to published them, but decided to postpone it to a later time.

On that same day, I accidentally dropped my hard disc drive – not more than 1 metre from the floor. It wasn’t even in operation. When I plugged it into my pc, my heart stopped momentarily at the strange whirring clicking noise. On the screen, no detection of the hard disc. That’s it, more than a year’s worth of photos, amongst others, gone. Vanished. Lost. Regardless of its original meaning, “hard disc drive” is a misnomer when it’s as fragile as eggshells!

I am still kicking myself now. Over and over again.

2 lessons learned:

1. Do not delay publishing a post.

2. Back up, back up, back up.

ps. if you have any recommendations for data recovery service providers, I would appreciate it!


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