Key Ingredients for a Fun Christmas Party

December is always a wet month. But that doesn’t deter us from celebrating the holidays in high spirits!

Here are the key ingredients for my idea of a fun Christmas party:

Pot luck. I used to think that pot luck is such a mishmash of a variety of food that may not necessarily go well together. But I have come to  realise that pot luck is not about the food but about the greater camaraderie of sharing and contribution. This year, our menu consisted of wholesome borsch, quiches, curry chicken, nutritious salad, delectable sandwiches – all homemade – sushi, and not forgetting, a Christmas cake.

Music. What is a party without music? And what is music without dance – an enjoyable calorie-burning exercise!

Games.Games can be simple and downright silly but no less fun. And believe me, nothing is too inane for a party.

A party is not just a celebration of the occasion, but a great opportunity for celebrating friendship. This was a memorable occasion of a small group of friends most of whom I’ve known for more than 10 years. To more great celebrations ahead!


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