Six Men with a voice – The King Singers

On Saturday, we were swept away by the marvellous voices of six men –  The King Singers – and their selection of Christmas pieces. This is one a capella group that enjoys tremendous applause and loud cheers even before they open their mouths to sing. It just goes to show just how popular they are.

Boy, it was one of those nights that you wish won’t end. Starting the concert with early music dating back to the 13th century, the King Singers sang beautifully and evocatively as the polyphony of sounds resonate at every  phrasing and effusion of tones and colours through the magnificent Esplanade Concert Hall. The six men – consisting of countertenors David Hurley and Timothy Wayne-Wright, Tenor Paul Phoenix, baritones Philip Lawson and Christoper Gabbitas and bass Jonathan Howard – gave a performance that is so refined, seemingly effortless and yet beguiling, impassioned and poignant. And don’t let the veneer of purity in the execution of sacred pieces and the suits fool you – they are equally comfortable with upbeat tempo, humour and jazz beats, as can be heard in the performance of Geoff Keating’s Dave Brubeck-inspired God rest ye, merry gentlemen and Gordon Langford’s arrangement of Jingle Bells.

From as far as I could see, it was a full house. The encore was a crowd pleaser Deck the Halls and judging by the rapturous cheers and thunderous applause, I’m not the only one who went home enlivened.


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