Wading (sort of) in the Venice of the East

Just came back from Bangkok. I had planned to go Ayutthaya and Lopburi to test out my new cameras but was advised against it. Even prior to the trip there were news reports in Singapore about floods in Thailand, but I was skeptical. Friendly warnings from friends & colleagues were simply not enough to put me off. That is, until I reached Bangkok and saw a local newspaper headlines (which I completely cannot read) above a picture of a statue of a giant Buddha reclined in a bath of water. It was probably a stock photo, but that was enough for me to back off from the side-trips.

The water levels were (and according to reports, still are) really testing the limits of Bangkok’s rivers and canals. While exploring the streets of Bangkok on an overcast day, we stumbled upon Tha Tian Pier, where people catch the boat to Wat Arun. I boarded the boat gingerly as the teh-tarik colour river waters sloshed around with mildly threatening rigour against the embankment. At the pier, some tourists seemed oblivious to the rising water levels. A bit like me feeling ignorantly awesome and gung-ho about going to Ayutthaya & Lopburi before.

I reckon the stilts of the pier must have been visible at some point.

At Tha Tien pier, Bangkok. 7 Oct 2011

Water seeping into souvenir shop at Tha Tien pier


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