Kuching – Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Not far from Kuching city centre is the Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. The purpose of this centre is to nurture Orang Utans that were either injured or held in captivity with the objective of eventually releasing them back into the wild. The Orang Utans here live in the natural environment of this protected reserve. There are so-called feeding times, where the rangers bring out fruits for the orang utans as a means of educating public visitors. Feeding time is restricted and primarily for educating the public as the primary goal of the Centre is to nurture the Orang Utans such that they are able to look for food themselves eventually.

How to get there:

If driving from Kuching city centre, drive in the direction of Serian/Padawan.

Entry fee: RM 3.

Feeding times at 9am & 3pm. We went in the morning and we got there early. If you are lucky, the Orang Utans are already there even before feeding time. I’d recommend going there early as you get to enjoy the natural surrounding without the tour groups that visit during the feeding sessions.

The names & vital stats of the Orang Utans at this centre.

The rangers are strict and no-nonsense. Keep quiet and if an Orang Utan gets too close to you, just stay away as far as possible. And never stand below an Orang Utan whilst they swing from tree tops. You never know whether no.1 or no. 2 might hit you.

"Orang Utans" literally means in Malay, men of the forest

A baby Orang Utan clutching its mother tightly as she descends from a tree.

Even if you don’t get to see any Orang Utans, just sit back & enjoy the natural surrounding. Actually, it could be a good thing that the Orang Utans appear less frequently? That probably means they are adjusting back to wildlife and less reliant on the rehabilitation centre.


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