Saturday morning on a Bike


Behind a shophouse at Changi Village

One of my new year resolutions was to bike more, and invest in a bike. I haven’t invested in a bike yet. So last Saturday, I rented one and went biking around Changi and Pasir Ris area with a friend and her spiffy bike.

I rented the bike at Changi Village where there are a number of bike rental shops, available for occasional lone cyclists like me or entourages on overnight rides to nearby south Johor.

We started out from Changi Village with the intention of going to Tampines, but thought maybe Pasir Ris beach might be more pleasant. But not before making a few wrong turns and circles, past the Prison.


Barb-wired barricades at the Prison


The ride was pretty tranquil for the most part. Although there were cycling paths, at times traffic was light and we couldn’t resist spinning the wheels down the roads in spite of my paranoia about motorvehicles.

It was only a matter of time before we stumbled upon a Singapore cliché – a shopping centre!


E!Hub Centre, near Pasir Ris Park

The comfort of air-condition beckons, and we stopped for a quick bite. Despite the concrete heartland that surrounds the area, we were already very near greenery, something I like about the eastern part of Singapore.



Finally, we arrived at Pasir Ris beach! So quiet and peaceful, unlike parts of East Coast Park. ECP would have been the place of choice to cycle but for its closed due to a triathlon event: it is simply easier to get to ECP than Changi Village/Pasir Ris which are further east. Still, we were glad we came here and enjoyed some serenity and calm.


Pasir Ris beach


Lookout from Pasir Ris beach

One thing I like about cycling is, you get to cover more ground than walking, feel the breeze & the sweltering heat and see the surroundings without a window pane in between you and the scenery. The only thing is, if you are snap-happy, even if on a VGA camera phone like me, be sure to stop cycling before you take a photo!




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