What happens when the clock strikes 12

If you live in Fairy Tale Land:

  • Cinderella’s coach turns into a pumpkin and the girl loses her glass slippers. How careless.


If you are living in modern Singapore and working late:

  • You take a taxi and pray for a swift & safe journey home.

On the way home, I sank deep into MP3 therapy.

Taxi uncle:  You low batt already.

Me: Huh? 

Taxi uncle: Yeah, low batt. See, you don’t even have the energy to talk.

While not terribly tired, I’m suddenly looking forward to a weekend of doing nothing. But I’m not optimistic about my chances: from the way things are going, it looks like another working weekend. A friend commented that my long break last year is now nought. Please don’t remind me. To think exactly 1 year ago today, I hopped on the plane with a round-the-world ticket. Now, I hop into bed hoping that I can crawl out of bed on time for another day tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “What happens when the clock strikes 12

  1. MP

    Aiyo, stroke head. Light at end of the tunnel is not elusive. You’ll be propped up again by lovely travels and work you’re passionate about.
    And the taxi uncle is funny 😀

  2. Feet on fire

    i had a few years living and working like that. And somehow, as much by luck as by design, I found myself out of the hamster wheel.

    A smart girl like you, probably has the exit strategy all mapped out already. Wish you luck and success in making the great escape.


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