Night falls, lights up

Just saw on the news that Vivid Sydney is on in the vibrant Aussie city. Into its 3rd year. this event is held during winter as a way of attracting people to come out at night in spite of the cold weather. The idea is to enliven the city, boost traffic to shops and maintain the evening business flow for the downtown district.

I was in Sydney this time last year, and caught some of the lights installations. By day, Sydney harbour is already world famous. By night, this after dark lights and music festival adds to the buzz. The Sydney Opera House is indelibly recognised all over the world. At the same time, the famous white sails serve as perfect canvasses for psychedelic splashes of colours, animations and a poem or two, vividly transforming both the harbour night scene and the Opera House’s iconic image. Engaging artworks from amoeba-like patterns, to shifting combinations of patchwork pieces organically unfold in loops during the lights & music display.

Here are some photos of the Opera House during last year’s Vivid Sydney. What do you think would bring your city to life at night?


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