Lavender field of dreams

Lately, I’ve been dreaming of frolicking in a purple lavender field, bathing in sweet lovely purple scents.

I have not had the chance to visit a proper lavender farm, but I fantasise about frolicking in vast expanse of my favourite colours: purple and violet. Some people find the scent medicinal; apparently lavender essential oil was once used as hospital disinfectant. But there is something deeply attractive about the fragrance. Apart from being decorative and awesome to look at, lavender can also be used for culinary purposes. I recall enjoying delectable lavender-flavoured ice cream at Taste Matters, a tiny but superb dessert parlour tucked away in a corner of Cluny Court.

I read somewhere that the lavender plant originated from Asia, but today it’s mostly cultivated in the Mediterranean. One day I will try to plant it myself together with a whole host of other green projects that are still resting on my to-do list – basil, for one! I promise to make a mean basil fritata & invite you over.

But I digress. Back to lavender. For now, I make up for it by splurging $50 on lavender-based products at The Body Shop. For those who know me, I don’t usually spend this much on toiletries. But after several intense days & sleepless nights, and in anticipation of more intense days to come, I deserve it. After a nice soothing fragrant shower, I hope to sleep. Dreaming of that purple lavender field, far far away…

Sweet dreams. zzz…


4 thoughts on “Lavender field of dreams

    1. plumerainbow Post author

      The top picture is not my photo (hence the link to credit the source). Unfortunately, I don’t know where lavender farms are! I read somewhere that they thrive in the Mediterranean.


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