Flour + egg + milk

Home-made pancakes drizzled with Vermont maple syrup.

Actually, the pancakes were not that fabulous. For some reason, I couldn’t make the pancakes “fluffy”. Was it because there was too much egg (I only used one)? Or is it the way I should have beaten the mixture?

Would love to hear your tips on making fabulous pancakes!


6 thoughts on “Flour + egg + milk

  1. MP

    Cannot stop laughing at the word ‘fluffy’. I just watched Morning Glory and the way Harrison Ford said ‘fluffy’ is still stuck in my mind. I imagine you are saying it the same way, LOL.

  2. Jennifer

    i beat the whites separately from the yolks. it’s a lot of work for just pancakes but that gets you fluffy pancakes! hmm. i think i’ll have pancakes this weekend

    1. plumerainbow Post author

      well, i did google the night before. got the gist of it. next morning stepped into kitchen.
      i only used the 3 salient ingredients & a bit of sugar. that’s it!
      will pay attention to the details next time…


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