A voyage to remember

Flying across arid land in Northern Chile

It’s already the month of May in year 2011!

To think that during the same month last year, I was planning for my grand trip. Has it really been a year since?

Fast forward to now, I still haven’t finished sorting through the photos; I tend to take things slow. Nonetheless I plan to do something about it by this weekend. How about those “wall art” as a reminder to myself, as I go through the daily grind, that there is a bigger world out there with its vast and fascinating possibilities.

But these pictures can only transport me and only me to that exact moment: the thing about travelling solo is, there is no one back home with whom I could reminisce about the trip with. No “Hey, remember how we did this and that?” or “Doesn’t this remind you of that thing that happened?” And how many times can I expect my friends & family to hear about spending the night in a white desert where the temperature outside is minus 20. Or the picture perfect sight of that school of flamingos on an icey cold morning in the world’s driest region. This couch potato climbed a volcano (albeit a dormant one) and hiked near 4000m above sea level on a sprained ankle, and nobody back home witnessed it! Thank goodness for the camera.

Any wisp of connection and friendship struck while on the road is further stretched by the distance across the globe. How much more of those emails and occasional postcard exchanges? And when we do finally meet again, what would we talk about with each other? About that short time spent together, somewhere in a strange land, and the out-of-this-world experience. Or hardship and mishaps:- travelling is a bed of roses with the thorns intact.

I had compiled a list of top experiences. But even this is just a condensed version of a greater itinerary, randomly inserted with unplanned encounters, strange experiences, mixed emotions and roller coaster adventures.

For now, I will just be contented with revisiting some of last year’s trip. And at the same time, am planning an upcoming short excursion. I will keep you posted. *Hint*: it includes cycling in a neighbouring country. If you are interested, let me know!

Flying over England


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