Sweet musings on manners

Alas, the weekend passed with several food escapades and no exercise – unless one counts as exercise test-cycling a bike at a bikeshop!

After one of the dinner soirees, a dessert craving led us to the big M.

Say what you might about the mass-producing, calorie-ladening, junk fast food giant. Nobody does consistency, affordability and  global  brand consciousness quite like the Golden Arches.

In the high-decibel evening din, we had an apple pie, a chocolate sundae and a soft serve ice cream. Which somehow led to J C whipping out her iPhone to show us this:

*from Frozen Desserts by Caroline Liddell and Robin Weir although no citation given.

These manners must now be defunct. Otherwise, our streets must be filled with women of “unsavoury and “unattractive appetites”. Oh, and try speaking without opening your mouth and thereby exposing your tongue. That must have been the era of Gentlewoman Who Are Skilled Ventriloquists.

There is one mildly relevant point though: eating an ice cream cone can be a messy affair in the tropics, what with all that melting and dripping. So in that sense, it may be more practical to eat ice cream in a bowl. In which case, don’t get an ice cream cone, just a cup with a spoon.

Spoon. Mmm, that quickly led to yet another conversation topic. More in the next post.


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