Peacock strutting in the heartland

First there was a tiger, then a dragon. And an elephant.

No, I’m not reciting the Chinese animal horoscopes. Besides, the last I checked the 12-animal zodiac doesn’t include elephants.

Imagine that it is the tail-end of the Lunar New Year festivities and you were happily sauntering down your familiar heartland. Until you see this:

But of course beaming Tarzan and Jane gave the game away:

What’s going on?

Well, it’s the Chingay Parade! “Chingay”, in the colloquial Hokkien dialect supposedly stands for 状艺, which means masquerade art. The main event is held annually in the city centre and is quite a colourful attraction both for locals and tourists. This year, the organisers decided to extend the parade and brought in some floats into the heartland.

It’s purely a parade of the floats, without the street performances showcased at the main event. But still, it drew quite a few onlookers.

The organisers also arranged for some performances at the community centre.

Perhaps a minister or guest of honour graced the occasion. I wouldn’t know. There were just too many people milling around.

Elsewhere, somewhere on the void deck of an HDB flat, the song and dance continues in Hawaiian shirt attire.

The parade continued into nightfall. Told ya there was a dragon!

The float parade has come and gone. The streets are empty once more. And in true blue Singapore-efficiency fashion,  the streets are miraculously clean again. Somebody must have been working hard to sweep up all that confetti…


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