Laughing Cow in soup

Caught this French movie on Okto. The title in English is Hunting and Gathering which makes no sense whatsoever to me. The title in French is Ensemble, c’est tout which could mean “Together, that is all”. The latter certainly makes more sense about this story of 4 unlikely characters who came to live together in a big apartment with antique furnitures.

I enjoyed this quirky movie which features dreamy-eyes Guillarme Canet (who plays Franck) and Audrey Tatou (Camille). The actor who plays the stuttering Phillibert is adorable. I don’t understand French by the way. But I was laughing away at the subtitled dialogue. Or maybe that’s just an indication of how big of a nerd I am. Here’s an example:

Franck brings Camille on a motorbike to a friend’s place for a pig-slaughtering rite. They arrive after night fall. Camille who is underweight and always feeling cold says she’s frozen after the bike ride.

Franck’s friend – who was not expecting Camille – asks Franck, “What (who) did you bring?”

Franck replies, “Something frozen.”

Ok, believe me, it was a lot funnier in the movie – even when I’m just reading off the subtitles.

Another scene that I liked:

Phillibert is in the kitchen, preparing food. Franck walks by and asks him what is he doing.

Phillibert: making soup (for Camille who is sick)

Phillibert continues to do something off camera.

Franck (who is a chef by profession): La Vache Qui Rit in soup?!



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