The rain before Lunar New Year – or – best Monday of 2011 thus far

Haven’t been able to go out much to take photos of the Lunar New Year festive preparations because it rained non-stop for two whole days since Saturday. The rain stopped for a while this Monday afternoon. But it was just a teeny weeny break and as I’m typing this, the pitter patter of the rain against the window pane reminds me of its continued existence.

Thought this picture which I took last May on the roof top of Vivocity suits this rainy occasion.

Too bad wellington boots are not in vogue in Singapore. (Come to think of it, wellies – in particular bright yellow ones – tend to remind one of a certain TV character that’s “best known in Singapore, JB and some say Batam”). Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind sloshing around in the rain and mud, without worrying about water getting into my shoes. As a substitute, I actually went to work in clogs (yes, those clunky ones – fashion be damned!) that happily went unnoticed and kept my pants hemline dry for the whole journey from home to the workplace.

What else is good to do while it rains non-stop outside? Here’s what I did this evening:

1. Drinking beer,

2. Listening to some great Venezuelan guitar music played by John Williams,


3. Fantasising about the next adventure.


How was your Monday?


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