Smell the roses #1

I love flowers.

I like big blossoming ones that shout out proudly into the sun – like the eponymous sunflower. I also like the tiny ones that are hardly worth noticing at first glance until I stoop down just to be surprised by the intricate petal details – half the time I don’t know these tiny flowers’ names! I also like the kind that just grows, grows and grows without much need for tender loving care to the point that you actually need to be mean to it to stop it from growing – the Scottish thistle comes to mind. On the opposite end there’s the super delicate type – like the orchid, hanging elegantly from a pretty pot. And then there’s the type that is “stigmatised” in local Chinese culture in that they are associated with funerals – like the white chrysanthemum – I don’t care, I like you just the same. Oh and then there are tulips, like elegant wine cups sprouting from the ground.  I also like the kind that doesn’t look like a stereotypical flower, like the dandelion – which looks more like a woman with a cotton ball mop of silver hair. Actually come to think of it, maybe a dandelion is not a flower.

I’ve have taken quite a few photos of flowers over the years. Here’s the first of the series. In terms of photo quality they are not the most up to par and no touch-ups were done to the photos here. Any semblance to vibrancy in colours was purely mother nature’s work. Nonetheless, I hope you’ll enjoy them.

p.s. if you know their names please let me know! I’d love to document this properly.


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