Forest in the lion city

One of the great things about Singapore is how green it is. And I’m not just talking about the canopy of trees that greet you along the expressway from the airport to the city and all the way to the heartland.

MacRitchie  Reservoir Park is really a world apart from the skyscraper-lined city.

This reservoir was constructed in 1867!

Today, it also houses the interesting tree top walk (which will be closed till mid April for maintenance works, so the sign at the entrance says).

Admission is free. All you have to do is just observe the usual parks rule (no littering, feeding of animals or plucking of plants).

Here, up amongst the trees, far away from the maddening crowd.


"Vibrant Velvet". The reddish leaves have a velvety touch.


A walk  from the MacRitchie Reservoir carpark anti-clockwise around and behind the Reservoir takes about 3 hours. The trails are well-marked and should more than occupy your weekend morning.




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