The group decided to kick off the new year with the noble intent of exercising more. At LM’s instigation we all went cycling along the beach last Sunday, and then yesterday again. So far so good. Plus attending pump, I’m on my way to my target of  minimum 3 exercises a week.

Except that both these Sunday soirees seemed to have culminated in extravagant post-cycling replenishment!

*Warning: Food porn ahead*

At S$4, each plate of fried mee sua /tang hoon / meehoon comes with heaps of prawns, squids, pork belly and cuboidic translucent lard – all this from a tiny stall covered by tonnes of articles and news clippings in this modest little corner coffee shop at the junction of Joo Chiat Road and East Coast Road. Another stall sold tau kwa pau which taste surprisingly better than it looks: some fresh fried tofu stuffed with bits of eggs, fishcakes, yamcakes amongst other things. And to wash it all down is a mug of home-made ice lemon tea, a la kopitiam style.


Now if you are wondering how to find this coffee shop, here’s the sign on the shop. If you don’t read Chinese, please get a friend to explain to you. The signage really is a gem.

By the way, that was last week. Yesterday’s Sunday cycling was no different, except that lunch was at another venue.

What did I tell you? Eating seems to eclipse the very activity we are trying to do keep us healthy and fit!


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