Postcards from Rapa Nui (a.k.a. Isla de Pascua / Easter Island)

Although Easter Island was not on my wanderlust radar, I had the great opportunity of including it as a destination on my flight ticket at no additional cost. It turned out that I had quite an adventure – and – the dubious distinction of having visited the one & only Hanga Roa hospital.

Easter Island or natively-known as Rapa Nui, is a Polynesian island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A 5-hour flight from Santiago de Chile, this island is an open-air museum that invokes the inner Indiana Jones spirit in this traveller: – be it combing the island on foot, on a bicycle or by car for the mystical stoneheads, sniffing out an odd pukau (the red-coloured “hair bun” that sits on the moais) that had rolled off on to some beach, trawling the quarry site at Rano Kau and marvelling at how come these stoneheads never made it to the final platform site, face-painting and drinking fresh coconut juice with the islanders, scrambling over lava stones whilst dodging horses (there are purportedly more horses than humans on this island) or feebly attempting to decipher petroglyphs / carvings on stones.

Detailed posts of my adventures and what I managed to learn about this mysterious island can be found here. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy viewing these photos.

At the quarry site, Rano Raraku. June 2010

Hiking up and around the crater of Rano Kau. June 2010


The Moto Nui islets, once the site of the Birdman cult. Photo taken from Orongo on Rano Kau. June 2010

Ahu Naunau on Anakena Beach. June 2010

Ahu Akivi - the only seven moais that face(d) outwards, in the direction of the sea. June 2010

Ahu Tongariki. June 2010

Ahu Vai Uri, Tahai Ceremonial Complex. June 2010


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