Creative recycling

Not long ago, I posted about recycling materials for wrapping.

I’m proud to say I know someone who does it! This was YM’s christmas wrap art:

*photo courtesy of YM

Materials: newspapers with specific colour scheme – yellow, red, green, blue. Each wrap is done slightly different: plain, vertical fold, diagonal fold, paper bag folded down. To make the wrap more interesting, each of them has a small origami art: flower motif, star, seagull and goldfish.


YM is also quite creative with the gifts, and once made a notebook from scratch as a present:

*photo courtesy of YM

The recycled materials used here are the textured black paper (recycled an old wrapping paper) and the stiff cardboard used for the front and the back of the book. The rest he says were using art materials that were already available at home: the book tape, coloured paper and A4 paper cut into two.


One thought on “Creative recycling

  1. Shiuri

    I am impressed by the pristine nature of the newspaper-wrapper.

    I am even more impressed with the wrapping skills.

    What did the recipients of the gifts do with the newspaper-wrapper?

    Person Who Had Hoped To Leave Scintillating Comments… =p


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