Thanksgiving & well wishes

2010 has been tremendous: moving house for the umpteenth time (and hopefully get to stay put for a bit longer this time round), setting foot on 11 countries and visiting countless natural & human heritages, embarking on unexpected adventures & emerging relatively unscathed, fulfilling dreams of yore, consciously meeting up with relatives & friends (including those whom I’ve not seen in more than 10 years!), making new friends, conversing in Spanish, cooking and still having a day job.

It has been a year enriched with splendid memories and experiences. I couldn’t have hoped for more.

2010 has been a most blessed year of receiving. 2011 shall, for me, be a year of  giving.

Tomorrow at 8am, I’ll kick off with the first show of the year on Symphony 92.4. Just in case you can’t wake up in time to tune in – you are duly forgiven for it is a public holiday after all 🙂 – here’s wishing you happy new year in advance!

May the new year bring much peace and happiness!




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