Pondering over a word

We spend a lot of our waking moments waiting.

Waiting for the bus.

Waiting for the water to boil to make some tea.

Waiting for the rain to stop to go out and play.

Waiting for a big holiday to come to finally let off some steam.

Waiting is a state of inactiveness and repose. Until a catalyst comes along to set things in motion, it is easily drudgery. Often, waiting entails for something beyond our own control to happen.

I like the Spanish word for “to wait” – esperar – becauseĀ  it also means to hope. What a difference the slight nuance makes! Instantly, the cloud over the dreaded wait is brightened with the chance of ray and sunshine. Yes, a chance – regardless of the odds – is still a chance.

What do you wait, or – hope – for?


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