A woman for all seasons

I like living where I am and enjoying the moderate climate of the equatorial belt. There’s no need to worry about whether I’m wearing too little or too much when I go out, or worry that it may suddenly snow or rain hail stones. No, in spite of my constant wincing about the heat and humidity, I have learned to cherish the convenience of a one-season-all-year-round climate. After all, the usual maximum hovers around 33-34°C which is not unreasonable and the humidity – well, it keeps the skin from cracking and I don’t have to constantly slather on moisturisers.

At the same time, I love the seasons! The change in temperature, colours, landscape and scent rejuvenates, and the change in climate ever so slightly from day to day brings about a tiny, if ever noticeable, surprise. The changing seasons also provides fertile ground for the creative mind, inspiring music, art, fashion and so much more. Of course, I remember the misery of short days and cold winters during a stint abroad as a student:- going for class before “sunrise” and leaving school after “sunset”, imagine not having seen the sun the whole day! And that’s when I regret ever complaining about scorching sunny heat so much. But I like the idea that just when one feels that winter is way too unbearable, spring buds and soon blossoms into summer in its full bloom glory, and then matures into the red, brown & golden hues of autumn – my favourite.

What is your favourite season?

Summer in its full bloom glory. England, early August 2010


The red, brown & golden hues of autumn. Paris, late September 2010.

Bright white snow blankets on a sunny late winter day. Washington DC, February 2010

Budding in spring. Vermont, February 2010


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